Help / Frequently Asked Questions
Recommended Webbrowsers, Webbrowser Settings
To assure every feature of the website works with your computer, it's required to allow the use of cookies and Java-Script. 4.+ should work with every CSS3 compliant browser/engine, but has been optimized for Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla SeaMonkey, Konqueror & Internet Explorer.
Cookie Usage uses cookies to keep track of sessions and to save language settings as well as the username posted within comments or e-mails. Cookies aren't used to track visitors on the web, but to keep private data as save as possible while offering a maximum enjoyment of browsing the website.
My Login or Autologin Doesn't Work
In order to log into's user-system you need to enable cookies and eventually permit to set and use cookies on your computer. This is one of several security measurements that your session can't be hijacked. Same goes for the autologin feature - if keeps loggin' you out, even though you enabled autologin, it's mostlikely because the required cookie can't be set, used, or because it has manually been deleted by the user.
Why Can't I Access Certain Contents? has an advanced user rights management. This is why guests and users that don't belong to the required user-groups can't access these areas.
How Can I Register?
There's no way of doing so. Kovu (the owner of this site) administers the users. It's primarily friends and project partners who get access to restricted areas.
Can I Comment on Blog Posts?
Yes. Unlike in older versions of, visitors now get the possibility to throw in their five cents on blog posts. The comments function is enabled for half a year in each article.
Will my E-Mail-Address be Published With my Comment?
No. Generally, we shouldn't publish e-mail addresses on the web - for spam protection reasons. If an address is published at, this only happens with the owners explicite permission, and possibly through a protected contact form.
Can't Find the Community/Forum?
Unfortunately, the community lost a lot of activity during the past few years. This is why I decided to close its doors when 4.+ was released.
Problem Still Not Solved?
Kovu will be glad to help you.